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      InnoFlue® The Intelligent Alternative to PVC & CPVC

Centrotherm produces the InnoFlue® brand of flue gas vent systems. InnoFlue® is manufactured from environmentally friendly polypropylene. Centrotherm’s polypropylene technology has been designed, tested and listed as a vent system, not a drain, waste & vent product. It insures safe performance at sustained flue temperatures up to 230°F, which is far in excess of other plastic materials used for venting. In fact, Innoflue® is the only polymeric vent system to be listed by an accredited third party to the rigorous U.S. safety standard, UL-1738, for venting systems for gas fired appliances.

  • Why InnoFlue®?

    ●  Approved for use by over 50 manufacturers of boilers, water heaters and furnaces.
    ●  The integrated gasket system allows for faster, cleaner, V.O.C. free installation and immediate use of the appliance.
    ●  The light weight makes for easy handling and fast installation with no fit up couplers, primer or adhesives needed.
    ●  Chloride free and 100% recyclable
    ●  Zero clearance to combustibles
    ●  Enhanced corrosion resistance allows for use with oil, propane, and gas fired appliances.
    ●  Unprecedented 10 year limited warranty.

    Centrotherm’s comprehensive line includes single wall, flexible and concentric vent systems with intuitive components such as test ports, condensate drains and siphons as well as excellent marketing and technical support.

    For more information on Centrotherm’s full line of products, you may go to their website, http://www.centrotherm.us.com/



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