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Our company provides full service to our customers by drawing on the strength of our personnel. With over 90 years combined experience, our inside customer and technical service department is actively involved with responding to application and service inquiries, quoting materials, coordinating sales with our customers and manufacturers, and processing orders. Our outside salesmen are equally experienced. Collectively the background of our salesmen includes working at both the contractor and wholesaler levels. They know this industry and they know our products. To ensure success, our salesmen support their customers with promotional strategies and product training.


Morgan A. Leonard

Morgan joined E. W. Leonard, Inc. after receiving a Bachelors degree in Business Administration from St. Michael’s College. He learned the rep and plumbing/heating industry “from the ground up.” After working in the warehouse and customer service, Morgan was assigned a sales territory with responsibility for wholesalers, engineers, contractors, and code officials. He was promoted to Sales Manager six years later, where he developed sales strategy, coordinated the activities of our sales force and designed specifications with engineers. In 1993, Morgan was named President. In this position he defines the direction and strategy of the company, maintains communication with manufacturers, and calls on wholesalers and engineers. Morgan is active in many professional/trade associations and is a member of the CHCC code committee.

Patricia Leonard
Trish came to E.W. Leonard, Inc. after working for a major corporation in Connecticut. Her background includes an MBA in Finance as well as experience with computer systems, strategic planning and investment management. Trish supervises all the financial aspects of our company. Her management and human resource skills play a major part in the structure of our organization. Trish is actively involved in the day to day management of the company. 


Zygmund Horeczy
Technical Service/
Pump Manager
Ziggy handles technical questions for all our product lines and has become our in-house pump products specialist and problem-solving expert. His strong ability to design and troubleshoot pump systems, controls, electrical and mechanical systems is well applied in resolving field service problems. He has also developed a reputation with customers as the guy to call when they need a system designed and built. Whether he is inside or outside, our customers know they can count on Ziggy.


Stephen Kelly 
Field Representative

Steve brings to E.W. Leonard, Inc. a well-rounded background in the plumbing and heating industry. He has worked as a contractor, a manufacturer’s representative, and as head of technical services for a manufacturer of heating products. During that time he has established a strong reputation for his knowledge and expertise with steam and hydronic heating systems and radiant floor design and layout. His knowledge base has been established through hands on experience in the field as well as by working side by side with some of the finest individuals in our industry. Whether you are looking for help with a problem job, trying to fix a problematic piece of equipment, or looking for system design, Steve is ready to lend a hand.


Andy Dunn
Field Representative


As the newest member of the team, Andy comes to us with 25 years of industry experience. He started in the trade and is a licensed contractor. Andy has extensive knowledge of heating equipment and system design as well as plumbing. His experience makes him extremely valuable as a salesman to contractors and wholesalers alike. He has covered northern New England for several years and has an established reputation for supporting the product he represents.

Dan Reilly
Field Representative

Dan is our contractor and engineer specialist. He spends a significant amount of his time working to get specifications written, the jobs taken off, and quoting. He works closely with our wholesalers and the contractors to close the circle and bring these orders in. He also has deep knowledge of infrared heating design. Dan is an active member of ASHRAE, participating in the Connecticut and Vermont chapters.

Kelly Bula
Technical/Customer Service

Kelly has been with E.W. Leonard since shortly after her graduation from high school. Over the years she has benefited from many training sessions with the manufacturers we represent. We depend heavily upon her years of experience with our firm as well as her thorough understanding of the technical aspects of our products. Besides answering technical and customer service questions, Kelly is actively involved in quoting, expediting orders, and inventory management.

Vanessa Prignano
Customer Service

Vanessa joins the E.W. Leonard team with broad experience in customer service in a number of business situations. Vanessa’s “can do” attitude allowed her to come up to speed quickly and made her a valued member of the team. She is answering phone calls, quoting product and expediting purchase orders, as well as handling many demands that come up in the course of the day.

Mick Danaher
Shipping and Receiving

Mick rounds out our inside team by handling all of the warehouse responsibilities. Mick comes from the trucking industry, where he worked as operations supervisor and as a customer service rep. Mick does a great job of handling the challenges of the warehouse and gets customer orders out accurately and promptly. His attention to detail makes him a great addition to our inside team.




E. W. Leonard, Inc. was founded in 1958 by Elmer Leonard. His integrity and entrepreneurial spirit are the foundation of our company today. He believed a successful company was made up of three elements: quality products, experienced personnel, and financial strength. We are proud to continue his legacy with excellence in all three areas.     Read More


With over 90 years combined experience, our inside customer and technical service department is actively involved with responding to application and service inquiries, quoting materials, coordinating sales with our customers and manufacturers, and processing orders.   
 Read More


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