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Lime scale deposits are the cause of buildup on shower heads, faucets and other appliances. Lime scale produces poor water pressure and slow hot water, which increases water heating expenses. ScaleBlaster is an eco-friendly, economical, and healthy alternative to get rid of lime scale and solve your hard water problems.

Lime scale deposits on waterline pipes come from calcium carbonate, a natural mineral found in the water.
ScaleBlaster creates an inaudible signal at sonic frequencies that causes the calcium carbonate molecules to lose their adhesive properties so they do not stick to water pipes.

A non-intrusive signal cable is wrapped around the outside of the water pipe. It produces a wave current that sweeps all the frequency responses from 1,000 to 20,000 Hz at 20 times per second. This signal causes calcium ions to collide with each other to the point where the calcium crystals have no more surface charges left to stick to the pipe walls. Empty water molecules attract these calcium molecules and flush the scale away from the pipe. This causes any existing scale buildup to go away and never return again. The scale is removed without filters, salt, chemicals, or any maintenance.


Most water softeners replace calcium with salt. Softeners waste water and discharge hazardous brine into our water systems. With ScaleBlaster, calcium remains in the water, which is beneficial for the human body. Why remove it? ScaleBlaster removes the lime scale deposits but leaves the calcium in the water.

Why buy a ScaleBlaster?

ü Affordable, one-time investment
ü No maintenance
ü Easily mounts on a wall
ü Reduced downtime
ü Requires no salt or chemicals
ü Non-intrusive to the water
ü Does not require any additional water usage
ü Eco-friendly
ü Made in the USA

Today there are hundreds of applications where ScaleBlaster can successfully be used. Many of the world’s largest companies use ScaleBlaster to solve their hard water problems without the need for salt, chemicals or maintenance.

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