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Headquartered in Stoney Creek Ontario, Superior Radiant Products offers a complete range of gas fired low and high intensity infrared heaters for industrial, commercial, agricultural and residential applications. Independent lab testing confirms that Superior Radiant’s Series UA heater is the highest performing radiant tube heater made in North America.

With tube heaters, a hot flame is directed down a 4" diameter steel tube emitter, allowing the tube to get hot, and then continuous parabolic reflectors redirect that heat to the floor level. This method of infrared space heating produces enhanced fuel savings and greater comfort levels compared to conventional forced air heating systems. In fact, ASHRAE has found infrared heaters can reduce the required heat needed to maintain a comfortable temperature by up to 20% percent as compared to traditional hot air heating systems.

Superior Radiant has the only 10-sided reflector among all manufacturers. Its multi-faceted configuration reflects virtually 100% of the infrared energy out and away from the emitter tubes, putting that heat where it is needed - the people zone. More heat to the floor means less heat wasted at the ceiling - which means greater fuel savings and enhanced comfort.

The ideal tube heater would generate uniform heat temperatures along the entire length of the heater. Of course, simple fluid flow physics states that heat must dissipate as it travels away from the burner. However, Superior Radiant utilizes a patented "jet stream" burner, which shoots the heat farther downstream and distributes heat more uniformly.

Superior’s Series GR infrared garage heater kit is the GOLD Award Winner in the HVAC Residential Equipment category in the 2009 Dealer Design Awards. The awards recognize the outstanding research and development efforts that go into products serving the HVACR industry. The Series GR infrared heater comes preassembled for simplified installation.

For more information on Superior Radiant’s full line of products, you may go to their website at http://www.superiorradiant.com/



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