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      Vaughn provides a perfect solution to the problems caused by acid water on common glass lined water tanks.

Headquartered in Massachusetts since 1961, Vaughn Thermal Corporation is the leading manufacturer of cement-lined water heaters. The company manufactures electric, hybrid, indirect and solar water heaters for residential and commercial applications. Vaughn also manufactures digital energy controllers and electronic devices used by electric utilities for load controlling water heaters. Product is conveniently stocked right here in New England.


Stone-lined tanks are constructed using non-ferrous metal fittings at all openings. Using centrifugal force, the stone lining is spun into the tank, butting up to the non-ferrous fitting, completely covering the steel and, thereby, protecting the steel from direct contact with aggressive hot water. The ½” thick stone lining absorbs water on the initial fill through capillary action and traps the water permanently in the lining. The water soon loses its oxygen and becomes inert, establishing a protective wall between the hot water and the steel tank.

There’s nothing new about stone lining to protect steel from the corrosive effects of water. There are hundreds of thousands of stone-lined residential water heaters in service within the New England area where acidic water supplies prove devastating to the common glass lined tank.

Vaughn’s product line includes:
Residential electric water heaters
Residential hybrid heat pump water heaters
Commercial electric water heaters
Indirect water heaters
Solar water heaters
Range boilers
Storage tanks / aqua boosters
Off Peak timers
Digital energy controllers
Electronic controls.

You can find more information about Vaughn products at their website: http://www.vaughncorp.com. Or feel free to contact your E.W. Leonard salesman or call our office at 860-873-8691.




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